Terms and Conditions / Terms of Use


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1 Preliminary observations, validity

The Yooco GmbH maintains the Yooco.de Internet service that allows users to own communitarian cation platform (community) for personal or business use on the servers of Yooco GmbH free to set up.

Users of the Internet service Yooco.de or a community of Yooco.de are not consumers within the meaning of the Act.

With the use of Internet services Yooco GmbH visitors / users / contractors explain (the "User") to the terms formulated here agree. All users agree to be bound by confirmation of knowledge and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions / Terms of Use as part of the registration process.

A successful application is made with the formulation of a corresponding acknowledgment on the website or by e-mail.

If a user with the Terms and Conditions / Terms of Use do not agree, they may not use the services of the site and your application is not complete. Do not agree with parts of these Terms and users, and still make use of services / features of the site, you release the Yooco GmbH from any legal responsibility for the purposes of the respective legal regulations.

Different conditions of the user, which are in conflict with these Terms and Conditions, found in no case be considered, unless the Yooco GmbH agrees to them in writing.

As part of any contractual relationship with the Yooco GmbH have these General Terms validity, even if during the use of other, eg chargeable services, is not referenced once it separately.

The Yooco GmbH is entitled to engage third parties to provide parts or the whole spectrum. In this case, the present conditions of use here also apply.

The Yooco GmbH reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Users will be informed of any changes to existing contractual relationships in time by email. The parties shall be granted a right of termination for a period of 6 weeks after notification of the modified Terms of Use. After this period, the contract shall continue based on the new terms and conditions.

2 Scope

The communities on Yooco.de serve the exchange of like-minded seekers of contact, gathering information, and more. The use is to prepare all joy. Therefore we ask you to read the followingterms and conditions and agree to before you can join the community and register a separate community on Yooco.de. By registering you accept express confirmation by all subsequent regulations:

Joining a community or creating a new community is permitted only with an email address that you explicitly identifies the sender. The candidate is prohibited under false names and with the use of bogus e-mail addresses of any kind

Note that you must not pass it on to others your password. Each user has the access and / or use of the community with their own, but not permitted to access a third party.

Note that the Yooco GmbH is not responsible for the content of communities of users. We guarantee despite all precautions, safety equipment and good intentions, not the identity of the author, the correctness and usefulness of content of any kind: All contents do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Yooco GmbH.

Personal harassment, vilification and amusement at the expense of other community participants are explicitly undesirable. The Administrators are instructed to pay attention to the fair treatment of all together especially.

The community operators have the right topics or posts without stating a reason whatsoever. This is especially true when violations of the Nutzungsbedingungem be formulated here.

The personal data stored in the registry are not passed on by us to third parties or used for the creation of spam e-mail lists.

With the application, membership and / or use of a community, you agree to cease any topics amounts, links, etc. that contain slander, hatred, violence, pornography, and threats that are obscene, in violation of the privacy of others that other people groups, minorities, etc. discriminate against morality or offend against possible existing laws. You further agree not to brand and / or to violate copyright, spamming, to refrain from flooding, advertisements, chain letters, any form of advertising for pyramid schemes, pyramid schemes, etc.. These instructions also apply to the choice of your name as well as for any members in your profile and / or postings set photos and drawings.

All prohibitions apply to any announcements, links, etc. in the signature and for the title and the description of a community.

Since the communities are not continuously monitored, violations can be removed may not be immediate. We therefore accept no responsibility for the content of users of our communities and the communities of our users. Each user shall be responsible for its own activities in the forum and takes the Forenbetreiber extent if necessary. from the commitment.

We reserve the right, without explicitly stating the reasons for revoking the participants temporarily or permanently write permission to sprerren accounts, members permanently deny access to communities or communities close to block or delete them. This applies in particular with regard to the use regulations. Such cases are logged internally for an Eventual necessary proof. When a breach of these terms and conditions of the polluter must expect further legal action.

Contact is via e-mail. The Yooco GmbH reserves the right to inform users about news, new projects, or other information via email. The user agrees to receive these emails.

A user is entitled to opt out without giving reasons in writing or by e-mail. The previously closed contract is terminated by the cancellation.

3 Data sharing and data protection

Please read our Privacy Policy .

4 Liability

The Yooco GmbH assumes no responsibility or liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided or for any misuse of information.

Any liability for any economic, physical or immaterial damage arising from the use or non-use of Yooco GmbH Internet Service or could arise in principle excluded. All offers are far too non-binding. The Yooco GmbH endeavors to ensure constant and proper operation of the service, but can not guarantee continuous usability and accessibility of the service. No liability for technical transmission delays or failures are excluded.

The Yooco GmbH reserves the right to change parts of or the entire offer without separate announcement to supplement to delete or the publication temporarily or permanently.

The Yooco not liable for the unauthorized acquisition of personal user data by third parties (eg by an unauthorized third party access). The Yooco GmbH is not obliged contents, data and image files, text content, or the like. to be reviewed by users, but reserves the right to review and amendment or deletion of content - eg visible presence of incorrect - before.

The Yooco not liable for direct or indirect references to external websites ("hyperlinks") which lie outside the responsibility of the Yooco GmbH. If the Yooco GmbH become aware that there is a link to a site with illegal content, Yooco GmbH will undertake all reasonable efforts to remove the corresponding link. Purely as a precaution Yooco GmbH distances itself from the content of linked websites. This applies to all within the Internet offer set left and references as well as for foreign entries, content, discussion forums, blogs, mailing lists, and the like.

5 Obligations of the user

Apply to any legally required business licenses in the respective user's responsibility.

For the contents of his application and thus for the information he provides about himself, the user is solely responsible and assured that correspond to the data given by him to the truth.

The user agrees to hold the Yooco GmbH from any kind of costs, claims, damages, losses or other claims-free, which might arise from its application or participation in services Yooco GmbH. The user specifically agrees the other Yooco GmbH from any liability and against all liabilities, expenses and claims arising or resulting from damage for defamation, libel, violation of personal rights, because of the failure of services to other members for violations of intellectual property rights shall indemnify. The indemnification obligation also refers to the costs that are necessary to prevent such claims.

The user is obliged to treat e-mails and other messages confidentially and make them available to third parties only with the express prior consent of the sender. This is especially true for names, phone and fax numbers, addresses, email addresses and URL's.

Furthermore, the User agrees to use the services Yooco GmbH is not improper, in particular:

- To disseminate any defamatory, offensive, or unlawful material or information in any other way. This relates in particular pornographic, racist, ethnically offensive or comparable - even obscene - content.

- To harass other users, threaten, or the rights (including moral rights) of any third party.

- To introduce any data in the system that contain a computer virus (infected software) or software or other material that is copyrighted, unless the user himself has the rights to it, the necessary approvals for this and any property damage.

- Can be used in a manner that negatively affects or affect the availability of offers for other users of Yooco.de.

- Intercept any e-mails of other users and this is not even trying.

- To send any Serien-/Kettenbriefe.

Important: Failure to comply with the obligations may result in immediate termination of the contractual relationship Eventual, as well as to civil and criminal penalties for the user. Especially the Yooco GmbH reserves the right to exclude users who spread in the use of Yooco.de immoral, politically-radical or obscene content or photos.

6 Copyright

The Yooco GmbH is committed to protect copyright rights of others in all Internet services. Therefore, the Yooco GmbH also claims all copyrights for any material created contents of its web pages. Reproduction or use of contents of any kind is permitted only with the written consent of Yooco GmbH.

7 Jurisdiction, Severability

For the present Terms and Conditions / Terms of Use and any other agreements between the parties (users) with the Yooco GmbH is the German law shall apply exclusively.

Should any of these conditions be or become invalid or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Should individual provisions of this contract in whole or in part, be invalid or lose their effectiveness at a later date, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by the parties by a valid one which reflects the economic purpose of the invalid provision as far as possible. The same applies to any contractual gaps.

As of 19 November 2007